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I have been a local Real Estate agent since 2004, since then guiding hundreds of buyers, sellers, and even investors through the sometimes complex process of a real estate transaction smoothly, and stress free.  

Early in my career, my business was centered around the first time homebuyer segment of the market, and later, I have worked quite a bit for the baby boomer population.  I strongly believe my personality...calm, and patient, with extreme attention to detail is what has allowed me to provide unparalleled service to these very specific segments of the real estate market.  With younger buyers, I could relate, and understood the stress that comes along with making the most expensive purchase of your life.  

Conversely, my parents were part of the baby boomer generation...I have seen up close, through their experience, and those of aunts, uncles and friends parents, the complexities and nuances that are associated with downsizing, and moving on from what has been called home for decades.

Regardless of the specific situation, I am committed to providing "white glove" service for each and every one of my clients, as they are all equally valuable and important to by business.

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