Joe Riordon

Registered Representative

New York Life


1050 Hingham Street

Rockland, MA 02370


Mobile: 781-589-1670

Office: 781-347-9746


financial planning 




As a Registered Representative of NYLife Securities and Agent of New York Life Insurance Company, I offer a variety of products that can help achieve a number of insurance and financial needs addressing wealth accumulation, protection, distribution, and diversification.  

My team and I strategize to facilitate the most cost and tax efficient methods to do all of the following and more:


  • Address or create a guaranteed income stream that lasts the rest of your life, regardless of market performance or mortality length

  • Meet the requirements of your Required Minimum Distributions of IRA’s (after age 70 ½) without being forced to pay taxes on money you are not using

  • Legacy planning

  • Pension and Social Security maximization

  • Life insurance

  • Long Term Care Insurance

  • Disability Insurance 

Everyone’s plan is different and there are a lot of moving parts if you are truly diversified. There are many different factors to consider when piecing a plan together. There is market volatility, inflation concerns, mortality, taxes, legacy concerns, and lien laws just to name a few.  Everyone feels differently about the various risks and it is my goal to make sure I am putting you into a plan that will appropriately address your feelings with an optimal outcome.   


I do make house calls as well as taking appointments at my offices in Rockland, Hyannis, and Bridgewater.  Feel free to contact to get a full analysis of your plan and allow me to recommend appropriate solutions catered specifically to your goals.  


Additionally, I like to meet with my existing clients annually to review the plan we put together and make sure that everything is still on the track.   It is important to review there haven’t been any changes on my side of things (new tax law, change in FINRA guidelines, etc) as well as addressing any additional concerns, questions, or changes that may have come up on my client’s end since we last met. 

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